Förderprogramm IQThe “Integration through Training” funding programmeПрограмма поддержки «Интеграция через квалификацию»Program wsparcia "Kwalifikacja drogą do integracji"برنامج الدعم "الاندماج من خلال التأهيل (IQ)"Förderprogramm IQFörderprogramm IQFörderprogramm IQ
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Network “Integration through Qualification (IQ)”

There are around 17.1 million people with a migration background living in Germany. That's 20 percent of the total population. There are many reasons why migrants are about twice as likely to be unemployed as persons without a migration background. The number of migrants – especially from the EU countries – has increased in Germany in the past years. Many of them have professional qualifications or other credentials that are often not recognised in this country. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers in Germany is becoming more pronounced.

The mission of the Network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)"

In view of this, it is important to tap into the full potential, especially also the potential of migrants. Since 2005, the "Integration through Qualification (IQ)" support programme has been working on improving the employment opportunities for persons with a migration background. In the 2015-2018 funding period a new focus will be added to the programme: "ESF training in the context of the Recognition Act". The central interest is for persons with foreign professional qualifications – regardless of residence status – to be in employment that is appropriate to their level of education more frequently than is currently the case.

There are deficits with regard to how migrants are perceived. It is important to have a clear understanding of the potential of migrants and to reduce discrimination, both to serve a diverse society and to successfully integrate persons with a migration background into the labour market. The development and strengthening of intercultural competence among the labour market stakeholders therefore continues to be a central objective of the IQ Network.

The structure of the Network IQ

The regional implementation of the support programme is the main task of the 16 federal state networks. Each network is managed by a regional coordinator and includes other operative sub-projects.  They offer recognition and training counselling for persons with foreign qualifications seeking advice across Germany, develop demand-based bridge training schemes and implement them. The networks also provide services to labour market stakeholders, such as making them aware of the specific needs of migrants and passing on specialist know-how through informational events, consulting and training.

In addition to the federal state networks there are five IQ competence centres throughout Germany who work on migrant-specific topics. They provide specialist consulting and support for the federal state networks. They develop job training schemes, tools and recommendations for action regarding the integration of migrants as regards their careers. They are also responsible for providing expert advice to decision-makers in politics, industry and administration. This may include the concept of quality standards, training measures or training materials, or the dissemination of research findings.

On a federal level the support programme is organised through the IQ Dissemination Project (MUT IQ). MUT IQ encourages collaboration between the stakeholders in the programme, supports the transfer of good practice within and outside the programme and effectively draws public attention to the IQ support programme. Jointly with the competence centres, it communicates the work results of the IQ to the ministries, the Federal Empoyment Agency (BA) and the expert public.

"Recognition in Germany" is the multilingual portal of the federal government for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications. The project works in close cooperation with the IQ support programme.

The first two main areas of the programme's work is funded using resources from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the European Social Fund (ESF). Our implementation partners are the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Employment Agency (BA). The third main area is funded using federal resources.

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